About the Magazine

Info Exchange Magazine

edited by Flo Longhorn

Info Exchange Magazine ceased publication in September 2016.


The magazine comprised two main sections covering multi sensory learning and iPads and Apps for special learners.

Info Exchange was a continuation, in a digital format, of the highly successful Information Exchange print magazine that Flo Longhorn edited for a number of years. Information Exchange ceased print publication with Issue 81, Summer, 2010. All back issues of the print magazine can accessed from the Flo Publications Ltd website at flopublications.com or read online on ISSUU.com from this page.

 Copyright Issues

We have requests to reprint articles that appear in Info Exchange from time to time. Please note that such requests are passed on to the original authors for their decision on publication. The main principle of the magazine is that of 'open data', i.e. we prefer to use material that is not restricted in reuse, following the rights licenses of Creative Commons. For more information, please visit the CC web site at: http://creativecommons.org


The views expressed in Info Exchange are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the editor. Neither the individual contributors nor the editorial team can be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the purchase or use of equipment, toys, techniques, apps or ideas featured or advertised in the magazine.