Book and Article Reviews

Book and Article Reviews

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Sex Education & Sexuality for Very Special People

Sex Education and Sexuality for Very Special People

Sex ed symbol smallThere has been a recent discussion about sexuality and people with severe or profound disability on SLD-Forum, a discussion website in the UK. There have been several interesting messages recorded below including one from Peter Imray that was very interesting. The consensus of opinion was that there was very little information or resources in the area of life and living.


Multisensory Book Reviews

Creating Multisensory Environments Book Review

Creating Multisensory Environments: Practical Ideas for Teaching and Learning

by Christopher Davies

Book cover


The book is so good and will inspire the reader to change their drab classroom environment into one of fantasy and fun. Beware! You will become a junk collector of everything that could possibly be incorporated into a special environment!


Storytelling Book Review

Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs

Edited by Nicola Grove - Routledge 2013

Storytelling book 1

Most readers will be aware of Nicola Grove and her outstanding contributions to special education, especially in creative arts, drama and communication. She is an honorary research fellow at City University, London, in the area of language and communication science. However, she is more than just an academic. She is an absorbing storyteller to special people and others alike.


Sex Education and Sexuality - Book Extracts

Sex Education Book Extracts

By popular request, here you will find some extracts from Flo Longhorn's book on Sex Education and Sexuality for Very Special People - a Sensory Approach.

These selected individual chapters can be downloaded free of charge, as PDF files, for your own personal and professional use.