Multisensory Book Reviews

Multisensory environment 1

Here is a YouTube video about Chapter 14 in the book – showing a live scenario! The author, Christopher Davies, is artistic director of Bamboozle Theatre Company and he is in the video. (7 mins 42 secs)

You can also see one of the scenes from a Bamboozle Theatre production about a magic jellyfish here:

Multisensory environment 2

There are many stimulating and meaningful environments in the book and also easily assembled multisensory ones. Some ideas are stress free and simple such as a tunnel to enter a story or a pile of paper to imagine a different world. There is also a chapter on creating scenarios for topic work including:

  • Garden pond
  • Bomb site (including plastic barbed wire)
  • Woodland floor
  • Herb garden
  • Border crossing

The only criticism is tethering the excellent innovative ideas to 'suggested outcomes' such as P levels. Yah boo sucks! Let the sheer excitement overcome such barriers for the special student. They will remember it all, not a piece of paper with an outcome - creativity has no outcomes, it is the taking part that counts!

Creating Multisensory Environments: Practical Ideas for Teaching and Learning
is published by Routledge (December 2011), 176 pages
ISBN-10: 0415573300 / ISBN-13: 978-0415573306
The book is available from Amazon for UK£ 16 in paperback and the Kindle version for UK£ 14.50.