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Storytelling book 1Her most recent venture is found in the David Fulton series, where she is the editor of 'Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs'. She has gathered story tellers from around the world - from the UK to Finland to the USA - to contribute their thoughts and expertise to this book. The storytelling has spread around the world and connected together at last.

Each chapter contains both theory and practice to provoke the reader into action and into the drama of storytelling. The book particularly highlights techniques which work so well with very special learners, such as interactive, call and response, sensitive stories, story sacks and multisensory approaches. I find it amazing (almost shocking!) that these methods are used so easily with such classics as Homer, Shakespeare and the Bible! There is no entry level into the world of storytelling - only by 'just being there.'

I highly recommend this book for everyone, especially those exciting practitioners who want to enter a world of storytelling that incorporates everything (and anything) in order to capture the imagination of the most special of children or adults.

The subtitle 'Transforming Lives Through Telling Tales' says it all.

There is an article in PMLD Link magazine (Summer 2012 edition) connected to the writing of this book. It is entitled 'Using storytelling for friendship and participating in a group'. Download it here:

The book is available from Amazon for around UK£ 21 or as a Kindle book for UK£ 17.50. Details:

Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs: Transforming lives through telling tales

is published by Routledge (November 2012), paperback, 152 pages
ISBN-10: 0415687756 / ISBN-13: 978-0415687751

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