"An Ordinary Life" Book Review

An Ordinary Life: Supporting families whose child is dependent on medical technology or has complex health needs

written by Jill Davies

Published by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, 2012

This very interesting booklet is based on the findings of the project 'An Ordinary Life'.

Ordinary life booklet coverThe aim of the project is to offer information to families who have a child with complex health needs or who is dependent on medical technology about ways they can seek support to lead as ordinary a life as possible. This information has been gleaned from the experiences of thirteen families who have a child with complex health care needs, who uses medical technology.

They described what life is like for them as a family with the barriers to leading an ordinary life. It also looks at what can make their lives better.

The booklet is divided into three parts:

Firstly, 'family life' explores some of the key issues experienced by children and young people and their family members through the stories of each family.

The second section, 'information to help families get an ordinary life – what can make a difference', provides information and useful links on some of the ideas and practical things that they have used to improve the quality of family life.

Finally, the booklet concludes by listing organisations and websites that can provide further information and support.

I found this booklet so useful for a profound insight into the experiences of families who have such special children in their lives. As an educator, I began to realise that education is important but nothing compares with the amazing dedication of families every hour of every day. Everyone must read this.

The booklet can be downloaded for free at: