Things to Do with Squidgy Stuff

50 Fantastic Things to Do with Squidgy Stuff

by Kristine Beeley and Alistair Bryce-Clegg

in the Featherstone Education series

The title says it all; ignore the fact that it was written for under-fives. Most of the ideas are ageless and can be tackled by anyone brave enough to endure messy touch.

50-fantastic-things-to-do-with-squidgy-stuffHave a go at slippery, squiggly balloons, soap flake pancakes or mashed potato mountains, mess at its best!

The activities offer the opportunity to explore the immediate environment and build up an understanding of the world through touch. Squishing, slurping and squeezing are great for getting fingers active and also activating touch that may evoke horror! But that is all part if learning, the fascination for a touch that is repulsive yet compelling at the same time.

Finish off a squishy session with the idea of fruit putty or hair gel squishy bags!

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