Health and Wellbeing Issues

Health and Wellbeing Issues for Children and Young People with Complex Needs

This article brings together some new books and a range of apps that are connected with wellbeing, health and medical issues that the reader may encounter in their work. It was compiled following discussions with a school nurse. She was concerned that the admissions to the school where she worked was a changing scenario with more and more complex medical needs being encountered by the school. As the link person between home, school and other health professionals, she wanted to expand her knowledge of the latest information about very special children and young people with complex needs. She also wanted to introduce aspects of emotional learning using her iPad with children.

The following books and apps are well worth a read by other professionals such as education staff as they also are involved in the provision for the complex needs of certain pupils at school. They would be essential in a school/establishment reference library.

Recent books concerning health and wellbeing of very special people





Caring for the physical and mental health of people with learning disabilities

by David Perry, et. al.








Understanding cerebral palsy: A guide for parents and professionals

by Marion Stanton








Profound intellectual and multiple disabilities-nursing complex needs

Edited by Jillian Pauline and Steven Carnaby







Supporting the child and family in paediatric palliative care

by Erica Brown







Caring for children with complex needs in the community

Edited by Jean Teare







Providing support at home for children who have complex health needs

by Jean Teare








Children with Complex and Continuing Health Needs: the Experiences of Children, Families and Care Staff

[Kindle Edition]

by Jacqui Hewitt-Taylor






Community support for young people with complex health needs

by Jacque Hewitt-Taylor





Useful Medical, Health and Communication Apps

These are all found on the iTunes store. Sign in and explore them - many are free or have Lite versions for free. Have a look at the reviews of an app for user feedback and additional useful information.

General Apps

  • Children's coma scale
  • What U Hear?
  • Baby steps! (Developmental levels until 2)
  • What is dyslexia?
  • iOverlay (turns iPad camera into a portable Irlen filter)
  • Open web - dyslexia friendly web browser
  • Dexteria - fine motor skills
  • Dyslexia quest
  • Aphasia
  • Small talk intensive care
  • Small talk dysphasia
  • Small talk pain scale
  • Small talk oral motor exercises
  • Articulation station

Emotions and Eye Contact Apps

  • Funny Face
  • Emotion X
  • Dusty D Dawg has feelings too
  • Chain Face
  • Faces imake
  • Face Cards C
  • Touch and learn emotions
  • iTouch iLearn emotions
  • iMasked
  • Fun Faces
  • Peek a Boo
  • Tap to Smile
  • Picturizr
  • Crazy Face
  • Morfo
  • Gaze Game
  • Look in my eyes (steam train)
  • Also, have a look at Chapter 8 in Flo's book "iPads, Apps and  Special Learners: A-Z for Beginners" which has more info on 'faces and emotions'.

Bodies Apps

  • Human body puzzles for kids
  • Toca Doctor Lite
  • Shape up
  • Adam's body
  • Human body puzzles for kids

Autism/Behaviours Apps

  • Going Places
  • Autism apps - resource for new apps
  • Socsampler
  • Work System
  • Visual Clue Lite
  • Somantics
  • Job Jar Lite


  • - My ediary for iPad Australia
  • - Trackit! Logs seizures and keeps records
  • - Epilepsy - from the National Epilepsy Society UK