Health and Wellbeing Issues

Health and Wellbeing Issues for Children and Young People with Complex Needs

This article brings together some new books and a range of apps that are connected with wellbeing, health and medical issues that the reader may encounter in their work. It was compiled following discussions with a school nurse. She was concerned that the admissions to the school where she worked was a changing scenario with more and more complex medical needs being encountered by the school. As the link person between home, school and other health professionals, she wanted to expand her knowledge of the latest information about very special children and young people with complex needs. She also wanted to introduce aspects of emotional learning using her iPad with children.


Things to Do with Squidgy Stuff

50 Fantastic Things to Do with Squidgy Stuff

by Kristine Beeley and Alistair Bryce-Clegg

in the Featherstone Education series

The title says it all; ignore the fact that it was written for under-fives. Most of the ideas are ageless and can be tackled by anyone brave enough to endure messy touch.


"An Ordinary Life" Book Review

An Ordinary Life: Supporting families whose child is dependent on medical technology or has complex health needs

written by Jill Davies

Published by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, 2012

This very interesting booklet is based on the findings of the project 'An Ordinary Life'.