Flo Publications Limited

FPL logoThe company web site for Flo Publications Limited has been established at flopublications.com from which you can access all information on the training courses available from FPL as well as all the publications on offer. The online book ordering system will be ready very shortly, and in the meantime Book Order Forms and brief descriptions of all publications are available from the site at http://flopublications.com/index.php/book-sales.

For the readers not based in the UK or Europe, we produce PDF file versions of nearly all of the FPL publications, that are available for sale over the internet as 'locked' PDF files. These can be purchased online via PayPal or credit card, downloaded, and then printed on the readers' own printer - at much reduced prices, of course, over the print editions (50% of the print edition cost).

A few titles will also be made available as e-books, but not all, as the format of the books is not always e-book friendly (due to the reducted screen size of most e-book reading devices).

FPL have also registered with PayPal so that orders can be taken, and payment made, from anywhere in the world from which a reader has internet access and a credit card or PayPal account.

Visit the FPL Website to see the latest on events, training opportunities and books for sale!